Why Spinning Is the New Nightclub

Would you rather be spending your Saturday night out on the dancefloor than sweating it out in a fitness class? Well thanks to the latest trend of club-like spin classes, doing both might be easier than you think. Spinning has become the coolest party that everyone wants to be seen at, and the days of rusty bikes in your leisure centre studio have been replaced by dark lighting, infectious music and a social atmosphere. With all the fun of a night out clubbing, without the serious headache and guilty conscious, it’s not so surprising that more and more people are choosing spinning over drinks at the bar. So instead of glamming up for a couple of cocktails and a night on the town this weekend, how about dancing on your spin bike and sipping on a post workout smoothie instead. Your endorphins will be flowing in no time and you will wake up feeling a whole lot better than when you’ve stumbled out of a club!

Avoid the Hangover

We all know a serious hangover is one of the worst side effects of a wild Friday night. With a good spin class you can still have your fun and wake up feeling fresh. Getting your dance on doesn’t need to come with the hangover, blisters or that feeling of weariness that is still lingering come Monday morning. You might have to deal with some DOMS the next day, but you’ll still be left feeling a whole lot fresher and fitter meaning you can enjoy the rest of your weekend without the heavy head.

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The Music

Nightclubs might be known for the music, but more often than not we end up in a bar with a questionable DJ ruining our vibe. Choose your class based on your instructor’s tastes, and you can avoid spending your weekend listening to Bieber on repeat, unless of course you want to! There is nothing quite like trying to keep up with the beat to get your legs flying faster than ever.

It’s Cheaper

Really?! This one might sound surprising as fitness classes often don’t come cheap, however when you think about the price of your drinks, Uber fare and entrance into the club then a £10/£20 spin class suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. You could probably even throw in a chocolate protein shake after all that hard work too.

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To Feel Positive

Seeing exercise as a chore will soon become a thing of the past, as with the right instructor spinning will have you feeling as high as a kite in no time. The positive atmosphere is truly infectious and will motivate you to push your body to its limits. Try choosing endorphins over regret, and make a more positive impact on both your body and your mind this weekend. Instead of being astonished by your late night antics, the only thing you’ll be shocked by is how fast the pedals go round.

A Nicer Experience

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks with your friends and dancing the night away, however more often than not, spending your evening at a boutique fitness studio is a far nicer experience. Sometimes there is a reason you need a couple of drinks before you can brave heading to a club, and by signing up to that spin class you can avoid the seedy characters lurking at the bar and the beer spilt all over your shoes!


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