Top Skincare Tips For Fitness Fanatics

We’re often told about the benefits our skin will gain from living a healthy lifestyle, with all those greens and sweaty workouts supposed to help us glow. Yet in reality, all that sweat, blood and tears can actually block our pores and cause havoc on our skin. So to help keep your skin feeling fresh post workout, here's some of our top skincare tips for our fellow fitness fanatics…

Skincare Tips For Fitness Fanatics | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Remove Your Make Up Before The Gym

If you do one kind thing to your skin today, make sure it’s removing your make-up before your workout! When you rush into the gym on your lunch break or after work, the last thought on your mind might be cleaning your face, but too much product and a load of sweat is a combination sure to clog your pores. Give your skin a cleanse before you get started to allow it to breathe during your workout.


Avoid Touching Your Face

No matter how nice your gym is, there’s no denying that gyms breed bacteria. Try not to touch your face or wipe away any sweat with your hand to avoid spreading unwanted bacteria to your face! The sweat towel is there for a reason…


Wear SPF if You’re Heading Outside

It might not be a huge concern for us Brits as we head into winter, but if you’re heading outside for your workout apply SPF to your skin to keep it protected from UV rays. Make sure it’s a lightweight formula to prevent clogging your pores. Runners, it's time to look after your skin!


Shower Immediately Post Workout

Who else is guilty of staying in your sweaty gym kit for much longer than you would like to admit? Letting your pores breathe by getting out those sweaty clothes can make a huge difference to your skin - especially if you’re prone to acne. A short, lukewarm shower is best to rinse off without stripping your skin of essential natural oils.


But Be Gentle!

After a tough workout, the last thing your body needs is an aggressive body scrub! Over exfoliation can dehydrate your skin and make breakouts and acne worse. Go for a gentle cleanser to avoid majorly over-scrubbing.



You've probably been told time and time again that drinking more water can be amazing for your skin. You might be dripping in plenty of sweat after your workout, but although this means your skin is damp, you’re actually losing a lot of moisture – so you need to replenish this. Make sure to keep drinking your water post workout, and apply a good quality moisturiser after your shower to prevent your skin from drying out. 

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