Staying Healthy With The Change Of Seasons

Autumn is officially here and our social media feeds are about to be inundated with pumpkin spiced lattes, warm woolly scarves and orange-shaded leaves. But this change of season can also have a much less photogenic impact on our health, sending our bodies all out of whack. These top tips will help you keep healthy and avoid the dreaded coughs and colds this autumn…

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Eat Seasonally

Instead of sticking to the same diet you ate in summer, swap your salads for soups and your smoothie bowls for warming bowls of oats. It’ll be so much more satisfying and will provide the comfort you’re craving. It’s also a good idea to change up your favourite veggies too - head to your local market to get the best seasonal veggies around. It's time to swap those salads for buttery leeks, maple roasted Brussels sprouts and crispy parsnips.


Wrap Up Warm!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been trying desperately to cling on to the last signs of summer, refusing to admit it’s cold enough for a winter coat. Well it’s time to wrap up warm and stop kidding ourselves! Your Mother was right when she told you you’d catch a cold from not wearing a coat, and those crisp, cool mornings will feel so much easier when you're warm and toasty. 


Look After Your Skin

It might not be winter yet, but even the change from summer to autumn can cause your skin to suffer. Try to establish a proper skincare routine by cleaning your face and using a good facial moisturiser before you go to sleep to keep your skin hydrated and glowing as the weather gets colder.



Talking about hydration, drinking more water is a total godsend for keeping your body healthy, especially in cold and flu season. If you're find it hard to drink so much in the cooler weather, try sipping on warm water with lemon for a more warming alterative to plain old tap water.


Switch Up Your Workouts

We might moan about the darker mornings and colder weather, but why not use the change of seasons as motivation to switch up your workouts and push past plateaus. Swap your outdoor runs or HIIT sessions in the park for trying out some new indoor gym classes. It’s the perfect excuse to check out that spin class you’ve heard everyone raving about, or to treat yourself to a boxing class after work. The end of summer doesn’t have to be de-motivating and could be just the change you need to reach your fitness goals!

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