The Best Apps For Your Health and Fitness

There’s no denying that we’re a technology addicted nation. So, seeing as we spend so many hours a day glued to our phones, how about we all start putting this time to good use? If you’re looking for something to give you a helping hand on your health and fitness journey, these are the 7 apps on the App Store that have won our vote:

 The Best Apps For Your Health and Fitness | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.


For Beginner Runners – Couch to 5k:

When you get out of breath running for the bus, joining a 5k fun run can seem like a terrifying thought. But the good news is, we all have to start somewhere, and the NHS’s Couch to 5k app is the perfect, in-pocket personal trainer to help you along your running journey. It gives you a free nine-week training programme to follow with three runs scheduled per week – slow and steady wins the race after all!


For Serious Stat-lovers - Strava Running and Cycling:

Any serious runners or cyclists with a competitive streak will love using Strava to support their training. All you need to do is download the app, and sync it to your GPS watch if you have one, and you’ll be able to dive into all your performance stats when you get back! Just make sure to share your results to spark a little rivalry among your friends...


For At Home Hitt-er’s - Nike+ Training Club:

This OG fitness app has stuck around for good reason. The Nike+ Training Club provides you with all the tools you could ever want for an awesome home-workout. Try out fitness programmes to suit your goals and awesome workouts designed by some of the world's top athletes and Nike master trainers.


For Serious Cyclists – Peloton Cycling and Workouts

Not everyone has the time, or the budget, to get to their favourite spin class every week. Luckily, Peloton allows you to bring your training home with live spin classes and on-demand cycling workouts. So, skipping your cycle when it’s raining outside is no longer an excuse. When you want to switch things up, there’s also 8,000 exercise videos based around strength training and yoga.


For A Healthy Start to Your Day - Yoga Wake Up

An easy ten-minute yoga session from bed? That’s the kind of flow we can get on board with! What better way is there to ease into the day than with a quick morning yoga flow! This clever app will give you a 10-minute sequence at your designated wake-up time, so you can start your day with a healthy mind. 


To Find A Little Zen - Calm

When it comes to meditation in the 21st century, apps are the way to go, and Calm is our all-time favourite. The paid account is worth the cost, but there are some awesome free meditations on their too, including their ‘Daily Calm’. Most of the meditations are about 10 minutes long, and you can even pick what you want to work on; whether that’s self-expectance, sleep or stress-reduction.


For Macro Masters – MyFitnessPal

We've talked about it previously in our guide to tracking macros, here, because there’s a reason why MyFitnessPal is the most popular health and fitness app in the world. Tracking macros isn't for everyone, but if it is, this app makes it super easy to meet your diet and nutrition goals.

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