The Importance Of Having A Creative Outlet

For some of us, who find creativity comes naturally, we’re lucky to find that artistic expression is part of our daily lives and work. But for those who don’t write, create or perform to make their living, many of whom proclaim they lack creative genetics, the importance of their creativity is highly underrated.

Whatever our genetics, creativity is something we all enjoyed freely as young children, as we coloured outside of the lines and explored the possibilities of our imagination without the boundaries of self-doubt that creep in with age. Yet as we grow older, our teachers and parents began to encourage us to be more realistic, critiquing and discouraging wild imagination, or telling us that art is an impractical pursuit.

But art shouldn’t just be for ‘talented’ artists and tapping back in to that childlike sense of un-restrained creative expression can have a huge array of benefits:

The Importance Of Having A Creative Outlet

For many modern minds, relaxation and meditation is tough. When you’re used to your brain buzzing 24/7, it’s tough to turn off those thoughts, even for just 10 minutes. However, many people find that focusing on the process of creating something, whether that’s a sound, painting or clay pot, is like an active meditation that’s incredibly mentally soothing.

Pre-requisite for innovation & thinking outside the box
Being creative might seem a little ‘airy fairy’, but behind every great brand, business or innovation was someone with a great imagination. By tapping into your creative juices, you’ll be surprised at how it can benefit your ability to innovate at work and think a little differently to the norm.

Scheduled time for yourself
Do you struggle to commit to taking time out for yourself? Booking yourself into a weekly class will increase the likelihood that you’ll actually stick to a regular creative practice and will have a certain amount of non-negotiable ‘me time’ scheduled out – no excuses!

Meet New People
Signing up for a new class or workshop is a great social activity and is a great place to meet new people with similar interests. No matter how great your social life, there’s never any harm in widening your circle and having conversations with people you wouldn’t otherwise bump into.

A Healthier Outlet
We all deal with stress, grief and overwhelming emotion in different ways. However, it’s safe to say that choosing art, or any other creative pursuit, is one of the healthier outlets for tough times. Whilst many turn to drink, drugs, food and other vices, this is a way to let off steam and explore your emotions that’s far more beneficial to your health and wellness.

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