Top Tips For Looking After Your Wellness This Christmas

The festive season all about enjoying the fun, tucking into some cheeky treats and taking a well-deserved break away from your normal routine. However, after a while the festivities can start to take their toll and have you feeling all out of whack, so here’s some tricks and tips for still feeling your best whilst enjoying your Christmas…

Christmas Wellness Tips | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.  

Load Up On Veggies First

Whether it’s a big family Boxing day dinner or your office Christmas lunch, a great rule to have is to load up on veggies first. Instead of avoiding the roasties and Yorkshire puddings, just make sure to get a variety of veggies in first so you’re filling up on the good stuff before the rest.


Get Moving

Feeling sluggish? Increasing your activity level doesn’t have to mean spending all evening in the gym – you can simply leave 20 minutes earlier than usual to walk into work from the train station rather than taking the bus. Alternatively, head out for a walk around to stretch your legs on your lunch break.


Choose Your Drinks Wisely

Boozing is always at an all-time high around the festive period, and choosing your drinks wisely can make all the difference. Instead of knocking back cocktail after cocktail, night after night, try opting for lighter drinks such as a gin and slim line tonic or a vodka, fresh lime and soda. In need of more tips for surviving the party season? Check out our latest blogpost, here.


Try Some Healthy Treats

Indulged in a few too many mince pies and in need of some lighter treats? We’ve created an exclusive e-book full of festive favourites, from vegan savoury tarts to a healthy eggnog, all made with Neat protein! Head to our recipe index to download it before you hit the kitchen... 


Eat A Good Breakfast

Whatever your plans for the day, get off to a good start by getting in some goodness at breakfast before any feasting begins! Grate some corguette into your favourite bowl of protein oats, or whip up some scrambled eggs with spinach, tomatoes and avocado to cover your micro-nutrients first thing.


Enjoy Yourself

We’ve said it before, but stressing over every morsel you eat at Christmas will be so much more damaging to your mental health than it will be to your physical health. Focus on your happiness and use the break to lower your stress levels so that you come back to work in January feeling refreshed.


Plan Activities

Always find yourself spending your evenings in the pub or slobbing on the sofa eating quality streets and binging on Netflix? Try switching things up and planning a games night or an ice-skating trip instead. If you’re based in London, check out our blogpost full of festive fun to get you in the Christmas spirit this December.

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