Try a Sport: Tennis

It's that time of the year again where us Brits suddenly become tennis-mad, cancelling social plans to sit in front of our tv screens cheering on Andy guessed it, it's Wimbledon week! 

But instead of using Wimbledon as an excuse to drink more Pimms, how about getting active instead and trying your hand at a spot of tennis. The best workouts are always the ones that don't feel like work, and tennis is an awesome way to spend a fun afternoon getting sweaty in the sun...


Try a Sport: Tennis | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.



Cardiovascular Workout

There is no denying that tennis is a good test of your fitness levels! Those short sprints to the net and longer back line rallies will soon have you sprinting faster as well as improving your endurance.


Work Your Full Body

From stretching out those legs to power you across the court, to really engaging your back and shoulders when you go for a smash, tennis will certainly give your whole body a good workout. You'll feel stronger and more equipped to take on life, as well as feeling the benefits that come with having more muscle mass, such as having a higher metabolic rate and being less prone to injury. 


Reduce Stress

Any exercise can be a great tool for relieving stress, but there's nothing quite like hitting a tennis ball with a good bit of force to get out your frustrations! Release your anger and give your opponent a run for their money at the same time - you'll leave the court feeling so much better, no matter the outcome. 


Improve Coordination 

By taking up playing tennis on the regular you'll be improving your hand-eye coordination no end. The fast pace of the game paired with the precision needed to get your shot just right will help better your reaction times, as well as enhancing your agility and athleticism... sounds pretty good to us! 

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