UK Coffee Week

It’s no secret that we love coffee here at Neat, so we’re super excited that this week, being National Coffee Week, is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our favourite liquid gold beverage. This awesome initiative is a “nationwide celebration of coffee that unites the industry with its customers to raise valuable funds for the communities that grow our coffee”. All funds go to Project Waterfall, who work to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities globally.

UK Coffee Week | Neat Nutrition 

You can’t make coffee without fresh water - but more importantly we can’t live healthy lives without fresh water either. It is our most precious resource, so I am very proud to be a part of any initiative which extols the virtues of coffee with friends while helping provide fresh water for those who most need it.” — Stephen Fry


So how can you get involved? 

You can fundraise in whatever way you would like! Whether you’re a café owner who can host a latte art workshop or donate 5p from each coffee sold, or you simply want to put on an office raffle or bake sale and donate to the Project Waterfall fund – every little helps and can be hugely impactful for those in need! Make sure to head The Neat Café to celebrate with your favourite Ozone Coffee made just how you like it and make sure to spread the word on social media about National Coffee Week and their awesome initiative!


To find out more about our passion for coffee and why we stock Ozone Coffee UK at The Neat Café, click here.



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