Why You Need To Try: Olympic Lifting

If your only experience of Olympic weightlifting is watching the games on TV or seeing hard-core Cross-Fitters on Instagram, then trying it for yourself might seem a little intimidating. But you don’t need to have Olympic strength to reap the benefits of incorporating this style of training into your routine! Here’s why it’s such an awesome workout:

Why You Need To Try: Olympic Lifting

What is it?

First of all, Olympic lifting, is a registered sport that focuses on two lifts – the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. Both are explosive movements that require the athlete to lift a loaded barbell from the floor to an overhead position.

What Are The Benefits?

Increases Power

Without going into the technicalities behind how increased power is calculated, when you lift more weight and learn to move it faster, you’ll increase your power!


Improves Mobility

They might make it look easy on those CrossFit videos you’ve binged on YouTube, but getting a barbell above your head with correct form is no easy task. It requires great full body mobility and flexibility, and so the more you practice these exercises, the more easily you’ll move!


Incorporates Full Body Movements

Instead of splitting up your weights workout in a classic bodybuilder style, full body workouts using major multi-joint exercises can be much more efficient. Not only do they burn more calories in a shorter space of time, but they’ll also improve your overall strength more quickly too.


Helps You Build Lean Muscle

Because you’re using multiple muscle groups to perform lifts you burn more calories, and the stress placed on the body also allows growth. Along with a nutritious diet, this will help you build lean muscle without gaining excessive fat.



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