Where To Eat In London This Easter

Let’s face it, despite it’s deep tradition, Easter is all about the food! Whether it’s eggs, hot cross buns or just pure chocolate you’re looking forward to indulging in this bank holiday weekend, here’s where you need to eat in London this weekend:


For Farm Fresh Eggs: Daylesford Farm Shop

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Eggs for Easter, ground-breaking stuff we know! But hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little tradition when it tastes this good. Fresh, organic eggs straight from Daylesford Farm to the top of your sourdough toast (or paired with vegemite soldiers!) is exactly what we’re looking for to celebrate the bank holiday weekend in style.

For Homemade Hot Cross Buns: The Modern Pantry

As well as boasting an impressive brunch menu, The Modern Pantry is the place to go for your hot cross bun fix. Homemade on site and with a touch of chili for a unique twist, you can even have them served with a big old slice of bacon… or just good old marmalade and jam!  


To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Pachamama

This Peruvian-style restaurant is refreshingly unique if you’re tired of the seeing the same old dishes on the menu of most London cafes. The star of the show has to be their quinoa or sweet potato waffles topped with either peanut butter, plantain and cocoa nibs or Peruvian chocolate, toasted quinoa ice cream and a cacao crumb – both are pure heaven! And for your less sweet-toothed pals, try the waffles paired with crispy bacon and sunny-side up eggs instead. 

For Pure Pancake Heaven: Where The Pancakes Are

If there’s only one thing you’re after when it comes to brunch – stacks of pancakes -  then there’s only one place in London that needs to be top of your agenda; Where The Pancakes Are in Southwark. You’ll find a whole menu of sweet and savoury buttermilk pancakes, from the nutritious to the indulgent, and even Dutch babies too.

For Those who Can’t Decide Between Sweet or Savoury: Riding House Café

When the menu is loaded with options such as a chorizo hash, lobster benedict, French toast and buttermilk pancakes, do we really need to say anything else? The Riding House Café is a beautiful location with beautiful food that won’t disappoint, whatever your tastes.

For Those Who Want to go Straight to The Chocolate: Artisan Du Chocolat

Let’s be honest, Easter is really all about one thing - chocolate! So why bother to fill up on anything else? If you take your chocolate seriously, then we’d recommend Artisan Du Chocolat. Produced entirely themselves from ground beans, you can truly taste the difference in the quality. It’s also great for anyone with special dietary requirements, as you can find sugar-free alternatives and chocolates made from goat and almond milk too! Make sure to check out their Nutricoa range – fine dark chocolate with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, plants and nutrients for a delicious alternative to a multivitamin pill!

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