Why Do We Put Matcha In Our Lean Protein?

Matcha is pretty incredible. Our Organic Matcha Green Tea is ceremonial grade and sourced from Japan. It gets its amazing colour from it’s growing and drying process, which encourages the development of chlorophyll. 

Why Do We Put Matcha Green Tea In Our Lean Protein? | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.

Want to find out more about how matcha green tea is made? Find out here. 

Among the incredible benefits of matcha is it’s metabolism boosting qualities. Studies have suggested that it can increase your body’s rate of burning calories, and help your body to burn more fat during exercise. This makes it the perfect ingredient for our Lean Protein. 

Matcha also contains caffeine, but less than you’d get from a cup of coffee. This means you can get an energy boost without that jittery feeling you can sometimes get with coffee. The caffeine is slower releasing and mixed with the other amazing ingredients found in matcha, to give you more focus. 

In addition, matcha has also been considered to help lower cholesterol, detoxify the body and help with your concentration. What an all-rounder!

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