Matcha – A Green Powerhouse

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A substance so dense in antioxidants and natural benefits that it’s being billed as a coveted ‘superfood’. Matcha lattes are the new drink du jour and we love the diverse green powder.

First question people ask is, ‘matcha – isn’t that just green tea?’. Yes and no. Green tea has seen its own rise to prominence in the last few years; you can now buy it in any supermarket and most coffee shops will sell a variation, whether it be standard, with lemon or slightly more adventurous. Apart from their source however, Matcha and green tea are quite different. 

Matcha is made from tea-leaves that have been grown in the shade. The harvesting process starts when the bushes are covered to ensure no direct sunlight finds them. This encourages the leaves to produce an increased amount of chlorophyll, which turns them a darker green. They also produce amino acids at this stage. After harvesting, the leaves are laid out to dry before being ground into the fine, green powder we know as matcha. So quick recap: matcha is made using the entire tea leaf and you consume everything. Green tea is merely just steeped using the leaves.

One cup of matcha can contain as many antioxidants as ten cups of green tea. Antioxidants are chemical compounds that occur naturally and help prevent aging and chronic diseases – so pretty awesome! Matcha also contains a specific group of potent antioxidents called catechins. Catechins are also found in cocoa, Açaí, and argon oil and are lauded for their cancer fighting properties. The chlorophyll which gives matcha its amazing vibrant colour, naturally removes metals and chemical toxins from the body.

While there is no ‘skinny pill’ or miracle weight loss solution, matcha can increase your metabolism and promote fat burning. That’s why we use it as a natural supplement in our Lean Boost Capsules. Containing fibre, matcha also helps to sustain a fuller feeling while assisting with digestion and keeping a, ahem, healthy regularity!

Matcha contains L-Theanine (an amino acid), which is thought to reduce stress levels, increase concentration and boost your mood. So if you’re reaching that 3pm slump at work when all your brain can comprehend is the Daily Mail sidebar of shame, reach for a cup of matcha or add a scoop to your shake and you’ll perk up in no time.

This mantis-green powder is a proverbial superhero and we at Neat Nutrition think it deserves to be celebrated. Our matcha is of the highest grade (ceremonial we’ll have you know) and sourced from Japan. Each pack contains 50 scoops to keep you feeling fresh, energised and on top of your game.


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