Why Walking Is So Underrated

We might joke that shopping is our cardio, but have you ever considered that walking could actually be a really good workout? With the rise of high-intensity fitness classes that leave you drenched in sweat, a walk in the park can seem like a lazy option. However, getting in your steps can have as many benefits, if not more, than lacing up your trainers for a run. Here’s why we think walking is a totally underrated form of exercise…


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As Many Health Benefits As Running

Remember that expression, slow and steady wins the race? Just because running feels more intense, doesn’t mean it has more benefits for your health. Walking is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and give your health a boost. Speed doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a higher calorie burn either; the distance you travel that will make the most impact when it comes to fat loss.


It’s Low Impact

As well as having similar health benefits to running, walking is also the better option for those who suffer from knee, ankle or back problems. It’s a great, low-impact way to keep active without putting as much pressure on your body as when you pound down the pavement. For anyone just starting out on a fitness journey, the lower intensity makes exercise seem so much more approachable… and therefore sustainable!


You’ll Sleep Better at Night

There’s a reason that going for a long walk in the fresh air can leave you feeling exhausted and ready to hit the pillow! The increased activity levels help to tire you out and getting away from technology is great for helping your mind switch off too. If you’re struggling to get those 40 winks try heading out for a walk before you crawl back home to bed.



There is nothing more de-moralising than trying to get a little bit healthier and feeling completely alone on your journey. It might be hard to be sociable when you’re trying to do burpees in the gym, but walking is not too strenuous that it’ll interrupt your catch up with a friend. Try meeting someone you haven’t seen for a while or head out for a walking meeting with your boss to make exercise fit more seamlessly into your day. In need of some alone time? Throw on those headphones and listen to a podcast or your favourite playlist to get some headspace.


It’s Great For Your Mind

There is nothing like a dose of fresh air and a walk to clear your head and help relieve some of the pressures of a stressful day. The refresh it gives your mind is also an amazing technique for getting those creative juices flowing – that “A-ha!” moment might be just around the corner!

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