12 Thoughts Everyone Has During Their First Yoga Class

You’ve seen the pictures on Instagram of yogis doing incredible handstands and you’ve been told how yoga will help you feel less stressed and more flexible. You know you should go, but that first class can feel totally daunting when you’re about as bendy as a plank of wood! As with everything, nobody is born a natural and everyone goes through the same struggles when they're starting from scratch. We promise, it’s never as glamorous as it looks on Instagram and you’re definitely not the only one who’s had these 12 thoughts during their first class…


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1. “How did she just do that?!”

Why is there always that one person at the front that just has to show off her headstand skills before the class has even started?


2. "I'm starving, what should I have for dinner? Something healthy… salad, a stir fry perhaps…. and dessert, definitely dessert.”

*Tries to clear mind… ends up thinking about food*


3.  “I am totally about to fall on my face.”

Warning: don’t attempt crow pose without being prepared to fall flat on your face.


4. “It’s only been how long?! I feel like I’ve been here for days!”

Why does your lunch break never go this slowly?


5. "Eurgh, who’s feet can I smell?”

There’s nothing like the smell of someone’s feet to give you a sense of zen…


6. “I should really email my [boss / colleague / client] , I have such a good idea we should pitch at Thursday’s meeting”

Of course, NOW your brain decides to get productive, instead of when you were scrolling FB at your desk this morning!


7. “This didn't look so difficult on Instagram, I thought yoga was mean’t to be relaxing?”

Why did your Mother ever let you give up gymnastics when you were 14?


8. “Why are my hands slipping everywhere?”

A serious case of sweaty palms and a downward dog can suddenly get a whole lot trickier than you thought it was…


9. "I wonder where did she got those leggings from? She looks great. Maybe I need a new yoga wardrobe.”

That free t-shirt you were given at a half-marathon in 2005 with a hole in the side just doesn't give you the same motivation as a brand new lululemon outfit…


10. “FINALLY! Why can’t we spend the whole class in child’s pose?”

Does childs pose once… puts “yogi” in Instagram bio.


11. “Does everyone still have their eyes closed? Maybe I’ll open one eye just to check…”

Caught awkward eye contact with the guy next to you? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.


12. "I feel so zen, I should totally come to yoga all the time. I’ll be doing handstands in no time.”

*Forgets to go to yoga for another 3 weeks*

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