Your Ultimate Guide To Grooming On-The-Go

We’ve teamed up with Czech & Speake to create the ultimate guide to grooming on-the-go. Created with convenience in mind, we’ve got unmissable advice to help you create a grooming regime that fits within your busy lifestyle, including the key, intelligently designed and great quality products you need to enhance your daily routine…

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Your Guide To Grooming On The Go | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

PART 1: 

Get To Know Your Skin

Sensitive, dry, or oily? It’s important to get to know your skin type to pick the products that best suit your needs. Do you need something that provides extra hydration, or will oil-based products agitate your skin? Be aware that everyone’s body chemistry is unique, and scents can react differently on one person’s skin to the next. Your skin will change over time, so check in regularly and adjust your regime accordingly.


Pick Your Signature Scents

Try picking a couple of signature scents that deliver for different purposes - choose one for everyday work wear, one for social occasions, and one for holidays. It’ll give you a sense of separation between work and play, and will mean your scent will better suit your environment. It’s also a great way to keep organised - there’s less chance of losing track of your products if your work cologne stays in your work bag, and your holiday cologne is in your travel bag!

When defining your personal scents, again, remember to consider your body chemistry - go through a process of trial and error to find what best suits your skin.



Our ethos of focusing on simple, high quality products - which is key to our whey and vegan protein powders - can be applied to your grooming routine too. The less complicated it is, the more likely it is that you’ll stick to it. Key, quality products will provide efficiency and ease of use, meaning they’ll save you time as well as making the experience a whole lot more enjoyable! For example, a good shaving brush will lift the hairs from the face so that they’re easier for a weighted, sharp blade razor to catch - giving you a smooth shave, first time.


Travel Light

No-one wants to carry a suitcase full of grooming products or worry whether they meet their flight’s liquid regulations - go light with products you can pop into your hand luggage on business trips or into your work bag to refresh in between meetings.

Our top recommendations? Czech & Speake’s cologne for the traveller contains individual bottles that are within international restrictions (15ml each), and can be slipped into bags for different purposes, so you can go from meeting to dinner with ease.

Czech and Speake’s travel shave set  is another essential thanks to it’s light weight and smaller scale, to help you maintain a quality shave whilst abroad. Keep your products organised in their Leather Magnetic Bag, designed specifically to fit perfectly within a cabin-sized suitcase, and complete with a durable waxed cotton interior - so it’s easy to wipe clean after those inevitable cosmetic spillages from bumpy rides!


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