Quinoa Fritters

Savoury breakfast fan? We've got you! This recipe makes the perfect weekend brunch for when you fancy whipping up something a little bit more special... 


Quinoa Fritters Recipe | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.



In a large bowl, stir together all the dry ingredients, including the corguette. THen add the wet and mix well again until a thick, smooth batter forms. 

Warm a little olive oil in a large pan over medium heat. Once hot, add a couple tablespoons of the batter and cook until the bottom of the fritter is browned. Flip and cook the other side until browned and cooked through.

Repeat this with the rest of your batter and serve with avocado, chilli flakes, hummus and even a poached egg if you're feeling fancy! 


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