5 Alternative (Non-Alcoholic) Drinks to Order on a Night Out

We get it, going out to the pub at the weekend with friends or after work with colleagues makes you feel like you have to drink. If you’re currently suffering through Dry January or ‘Drynuary’ (how do you even pronounce that?), you might even be avoiding the pub at all costs. But it doesn’t have to be torture! You can enjoy a night out without reaching for booze, and your body will thank you for it the next morning.

Alcohol is made from sugars/starch so it’s calorific! If you’re sweating your butt off in the gym all week, eating well but then drinking two glasses of wine a night, you’re undoing all your hard work. We’re all for balance and moderation at Neat, so if you want to enjoy a glass of wine, cool. Just don’t let that one glass become more and the reason you’re not seeing results. 

Want to know what you’re drinking?

  • A pint of beer is around 215kcal
  • A small glass of wine is around 126kcal
  • An alcopop is around 237kcal

So if you want to keep it low-key and switch to something that won’t have your body wasting energy breaking down all that sugar, try some alternatives…



Good old H2O. Water will keep you hydrated, is zero calories and can even help boost your metabolism. 10/10 would recommend.

Soda Water

If you like a little fizz in your tipple, soda water is a far lower calorie choice than tonic water. Tonic water also contains quinine – used in anti-malarial drugs. Fun fact: tonic water was actually developed as a medicine.


Lime & Soda 

Very low in calories and a little more flavourful than just plain old soda water, this one is becoming a fast favourite for non-alcohol drinkers. 

Tomato Juice

Tomato juice contains lycopene in higher quantities than actual tomatoes. Lycopene is an antioxidant that could help prevent diseases such as cancer. Look for a decent brand though, not one with lots of added sugars.


Elderflower Cordial

Generally low in calories and elderflower is rich in bioflavonoids which act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. 

Iced Coffee

More bars are offering a larger range of beverages and iced coffee is a great alternative if it’s available. Keep it black and unsweetened and you’ve got a lower calorie alternative that will deliver a hit of caffeine. Just make sure it’s not your 10th cup of the day!