How Long Will My Bag of Neat Protein Last For? #QoW


How Long Will My Bag of Neat Protein Last For?

The answer to this question is very much subjective. It depends on how many scoops you’re using and how many times a week you use it. As a standard, our bags of protein will contain 1kg of product, which equates to:

  • 33 servings of Whey Protein, Lean Protein or Slow Release Protein
  • 28 servings of Vegan Protein

So why the difference between the amount of servings? Well, to ensure a high protein yield in our Vegan Protein, the scoop is slightly larger (35g) than that in our Whey, Lean and Slow Release Proteins (30g). This ensures that per 35g of powder, you get 25g of protein which is a great percentage for a vegan protein which are notoriously lower in protein content than whey alternatives.

So based on these servings, if you use one scoop a day your bag of protein will last around a month. Obviously if you’re only using a scoop every few days, it will last longer. 

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