Nutrition Goals That Don't Involve Weight Loss

We’re here to encourage everyone to live a healthier lifestyle, and to support you in reaching your goals. For some people, that might be losing weight or building visible muscle. But if not, that’s not the only reason to improve your nutrition, and there’s far more benefits you could gain! So, if you want to give a certain area of your health a boost or just generally want to feel a little better, here’s some awesome goals to set that don’t revolve around aesthetics. Whichever one you choose, hopefully the rewards you reap will be far more motivating than simply losing an inch or two!

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Reduce Your Meat Intake

Commit to meat free Monday’s, or even better, eating meat free Monday – Friday. The knowledge that you’re not only fuelling your body with more variety & nourishing plants, but you’re also giving the planet a helping hand too. If you’re worried about hitting your protein needs, add in a whey or vegan protein powder to your day to supplement your meat free diet.


Increase Your Veg Consumption

Instead of focusing on things not to eat, how about adding something in instead? Try to increase your vegetable consumption by at least 2 portions every day. Our go to tip? Focus on eating the rainbow. It’ll not only make your plate look a whole lot more vibrant but is also a great way to make sure you’re getting a variety of different vitamins and minerals.


Drink More Water

As the saying goes, 3l of water a day keeps the doctor away (or something like that…)! If you’re looking for one small thing to improve your health, this is it. Your skin, health, digestion, energy levels and just about everything else will benefit from being well hydrated. Buy a large reusable water bottle and aim to get through 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening, and even more if you’re exercising.


Skip The Soda

They may not seem like that bad of a vice, but fizzy drinks – both full fat and diet versions – are devoid of much nutritional value. The sugars and artificial sweeteners can trigger insulin secretion and the excess of caffeine often leads to unsustainable energy spikes, leaving you ready to fall asleep at your desk. And that’s before we mention their effect on your pearly whites! If you’re craving some bubbles, opt for a Kombucha or flavoured sparkling water instead to scratch that itch. 


Snack Healthier

Many of us can navigate a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner, but excessive snacking can be our huge downfall. Before you grab a chocolate bar or packet of crips, boost your nutrition by aiming to have one smart snack every day. Try whipping up a batch of protein balls for the week or grab some veggie sticks and hummus on the go.  


Set Yourself Up For The Day 

If you want to improve your energy levels and overall health, you don’t need to overhaul your lifestyle overnight. Start by focusing on one meal of the day, like breakfast! Commit to starting your day in a healthy way to kickstart an energy and positivity that will seep through your whole day. The options are endless – on the go smoothies, overnight oats at your desk, protein pancakes on the weekend or a good old plate of eggs and avocado on toast.


Meal Prep More Often

This is a great goal to save you money, help you buy less plastic & fuel your body better. Aim to prep at least 4 of your breakfast and lunches every week.


Go Booze Free

You probably don’t need us to tell you that the benefits of cutting down on booze are vast. It impacts everything from your sleep to your training performance to your risk of serious disease. But we’re not here to spoil all your fun and take away your savoured glass of wine on a Friday night – so if going sober for the whole of January seemed too much, try sticking to going booze free on weeknights instead. Progress is progress after all.


Improve Your Culinary Skills

Want to improve your culinary skills and diversify your pallet? Set yourself the goal of trying at least one brand new recipe every week. It’ll inject some fun back into weekday dinners and will mean by the end of the month you have a whole lot more techniques and flavour combinations to add to your cooking repertoire.   


Refuel Well

Instead of focusing on sweating it out at the gym and eating rabbit food to lose weight, focus on recovery instead. Prioritise plenty of protein and carbs post workout to give your body everything it needs to recover well and perform at its best. Our favourite fuss free solution? Your favourite Neat protein sachet shaken up with oat milk. Simple!

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