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Could there be a more appropriate day than World Nutella Day to celebrate how nutty we are about nuts? Get the lowdown on the different benefits of your favourite nuts and how we like to use them... 

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The only true nut on our list! Turkey is the world’s largest producer of hazelnuts, which are one of the most popular nuts, thanks to that well known chocolate spread. In fact, Ferrero (those of the Nutella and Ferrero Rocher fame) use 25% of the world’s hazelnut supply. 

Hazelnuts are an excellent source of vitamin E and rich in folate – which is good news for pregnant ladies, as well as a variety of minerals. 100g contains 26% of your daily protein, 202% of your daily fats and 13% of your daily carbs. 

Our favourite use: Make your own Nutella Shake or Hazelnut spread!



Fun fact: almonds are technically a seed, not a nut! Hailing from the Middle East, the U.S is now the top almond producer in the world. We’ve been used to seeing them make an appearance in marzipan and Amaretto but they’ve become a kitchen staple for millennial in the form of almond milk – the go-to drink for non-dairy diets. 

Almonds are loaded with antioxidants and heart healthy fats. 100g contains 42% of your daily protein, 75% of your daily fats and 7% of your daily carbs. 

Our favourite use: We love almond milk in our smoothies, especially when chocolate protein is involved, like our Gingerbread Shake recipe.



Peanuts are grown underground and are a legume rather than a nut, meaning they’re part of the pea / bean family. They originated in South America but now China is the world’s biggest peanut grower with 16 million tonnes in 2014. The best thing about peanuts? Peanut butter, which was first patented in Canada in 1884. 

Peanuts are one of the richest sources of biotin – a B complex vitamin that helps the body convert food into energy. 100g contains 52% of your daily protein, 75% of your daily fats and 5% of your daily carbs. 

Our favourite use: Peanut Butter is great in protein balls, adding an extra hit of protein. Try these Coffee & Peanut Butter Protein Balls from our friends at Pics



Ever seen how a cashew grows? It’s actually the seed of the cashew apple, a vivacious yellow bell-shaped fruit. Originally native to Brazil, the cashew nut’s shell is actually harmful – causing a poison ivy like rash. 

Cashews are a rich source of copper, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium – all dietary minerals. They’re also rocking vitamin B, vitamin K, iron, zinc and potassium. 100g contains 36% of your daily protein, 67% of your daily fats and 11% of your daily carbs. 

Our favourite use: blended into tasty baking treats. We used it for our Vegan Creme Eggs.



Another not-really-a-nut, walnuts are actually the seeds of a drupe nut. China is again, the highest producer, looking after 46% of the world’s total production. Walnuts secrete chemicals into the soil while they grow, to prevent competing plants from growing. What a boss!

A quarter cup of walnuts contains 100% of your daily recommended value of plant-based omega-3 fats. They contain the amino acide l-arginine, which can help heart disease. 100g contains 30% of your daily protein, 100% of your daily fats and 4% of your daily carbs. 

Our favourite use: Could there be a better use for walnuts than by making them into delicious Carrot and Walnut Cupcakes? 

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