Spotlight on: Slow Release Protein


Slow Release Protein or Casein doesn’t get talked about as much as whey or vegan protein, so we thought we’d shine the spotlight on Casein for a change and explain what it is, why it’s different to whey protein and how you could benefit from it…

How It’s Made

Lots of lovely cows spend their days in fields chewing grass to produce milk. The milk is collected and refrigerated before being transported to a cheese factory. 

There, the milk is separated into curds and whey. Curds are used to make slow-release protein whilst the liquid whey is filtrated and spray dried to create whey powder.


What It Does

Slow Release protein does exactly what it says on the pack. During digestion, casein gels as it hits your stomach acid. This slows down the rate at which it is digested, giving you a slower release of energy and amino acids.

This is why it’s perfect for before bed to help your muscles recover while you’re sleeping. It’s also good if you know you’re going to have a long break between meals and want something to keep you feeling full.


Why Take Casein

You’re looking to increase your overall protein intake.

You’re allergic to whey.

You often go without food for a long period of time.

You train late at night and need to refuel & stay full overnight.

You’re a runner who needs slow-releasing fuel.


How To Use Casein

You can use casein just like any other protein supplement! Keep things simple and shake it up with water, throw a scoop in your favourite protein smoothie or mix it into yogurt. You can even experiment with adding it in baking, like in this Blueberry Flapjack Pancake recipe.

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