How To Enjoy A Weekend-Long Festival Without Feeling Terrible!

For the usual wellness lover, a weekend-long music festival can be a bit of a shock to the system. Going from early morning workouts, well-balanced meal prep and a regimented 10 pm bedtime, to a new routine of fried food, booze, and dodgy dancing in the early AM will likely leave you feeling rough. Though festival season is first and foremost for enjoying yourself, we want to make sure you still have the energy to make it through the weekend!

So, here are our 6 top tips to help you stay somewhat healthy this festival season to make sure you're still having the time of your life by Sunday night…

Tips For Staying Healthy at A Festival | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Be Prepared

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy(ish) at a festival is to come fully prepped with healthier snacks like homemade trail mix, protein balls or granola bars. Even just packing some easily store-able essentials, such as nuts, fruit, protein powder sachets, peanut butter, and oats will make sure you've got some healthy fuel to fall back on. Make sure to double check with the festival guidelines before you arrive, so that you don’t get anything confiscated at the bag search!


Start the Day Strong

If you know alcohol and epic food truck treats will fuel your afternoon and evening, try to just start the day strong. Eating a big breakfast will keep you fuelled, satisfied and energised all day. Trust us, something like soaked overnight oats, a sachet of whey or vegan protein powder, some fruit and a bottle of coconut water will go down an absolute treat, especially by day 3!



We know good hydration is pretty much our go-to tip for pretty much everything, but it’s especially important at festivals! With all the booze, heat and crowded tent dancing – dehydration is a very likely ailment. Keep yourself topped up at regular intervals to avoid a killer headache the following morning.



Worried you’ll be missing your favourite weekend workouts? Don’t underestimate how many miles you’ll clock up over the course of a weekend, going to and from the tent to different stages. Instead of stressing, just take up any opportunities to walk a little further, and don't forget to bust out your best moves on the dance floor too!


Take a Power Nap

If you want to power on through the best bits of the festival, you might need to sneak back to your tent for a power nap or two. You can’t expect your body to survive on 3 hours sleep day in, day out! A quick 30-minute nap will help you to feel refreshed and ready for the real action later in the day – but don’t forget to bring earplugs and an eye mask. 


Don’t Forget The Basics

These tips are great for helping make sure you still look after your general wellness, but don’t forget about meeting your basic health needs first! Wear plenty of sun-cream on sunny days, wash your hands regularly and keep sanitizer at hand. Try to avoid any particularly dodgy-looking food trucks too – there’s probably a reason it’s the only stall with no queue…

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