Raspberry & Coconut Overnight Oats

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Say hello to our favourite protein oats, but summer style!

For those who are time-poor or struggle to get out of bed in the morning, overnight oats are the best way to start the day well in a hurry. They're tasty, satisfying and a balance of all the macro-nutrients you need post-workout or just to fuel a busy morning...

Raspberry & Coconut Overnight Oats Recipe | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.


Simply stir together the coconut yoghurt, milk, oats, protein, chia, salt and vanilla in a jar until well combined. Gently stir through the raspberries before placing the jar in the fridge overnight (or for at least 4 hours). 

In the morning, give your oats a quick stir and add a little more milk if you prefer a thinner texture. Add your toppings and dig in, or if you're in a rush just pop a lid on your jar and take them to work with you.

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