Game, Set & Matcha Protein Balls

Matcha Protein Balls

We love a good pun here at Neat and seeing as Wimbledon is drawing to a close, we thought we’d make some game, set and matcha protein balls (see what we did there?) to celebrate the end of Centre Court action. 

Bursting with energy, these protein balls have you covered in terms of protein and slow release carbohydrates which will keep you feeling fuller for longer – a smart snack even if you’re not playing five sets!

Matcha ingredients


    Add a little hot water to the matcha in a separate small bowl and allow it to dissolve. In a larger bowl, add all the ingredients except the almond milk, then add the matcha. The tahini and matcha should start to bind the mixture but if you need more liquid to bring the ingredients into balls, just add some almond milk a little at a time.

    Roll into balls the size of a walnut and if you want an extra hit of matcha, roll them in some matcha powder for brilliant green balls of energy!



    Game, Set & Matcha Protein Balls

    • 1 scoop Neat Nutrition Vanilla Protein
    • 2 scoops Neat Nutrition Matcha Green Tea
    • 1 cup oats blended to flour
    • 2 tablespoons tahini
    • ¼ cup milled flaxseed
    • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
    • Splash of almond milk


    (Nutritionals per serving: Calories = 104; P = 6.1g, C = 8.1g, F = 5.1g)*

    *All calorie and macro calculations are estimates and will vary depending on portion size and ingredients used