Party Season: Hosting a Healthier Xmas Party

The most important thing about Christmas is spending time with all your favourite people. However, the constant get-togethers and reunion drinks can start to take their toll on your health. Hosting a party is tricky when you’re trying to tread the line between pleasing your guests and living the lifestyle you enjoy. So to help you avoid that sluggish festive feeling, here are a few tips for creating a healthier Christmas party. We promise you'll still have all your guests grinning…

 Party Season: How to Host a Healthier Christmas Party | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.  

Mix Up The Drinks

We’re not saying you need to go alcohol-free (you want people to turn up after all!), but maybe just provide a healthier selection so that people can pick and choose what they’d like. We're talking gin & tonics, jugs of low sugar cocktails, bottles of kombucha and some non-alcoholic options such as Seedlip. For an afternoon get together, try whipping up a big batch of our gingerbread smoothie recipe – it’s a crowd-pleasing sweet treat for sure.


Platter Up

Creating a platter of different veggies, healthier chips and dips is a great healthier catering option that always looks super impressive, without being too time-consuming to whip up. You can do this for dessert too, by arranging a spread of fruits, brownie bites, dark chocolate pieces, and even protein balls. 


Other Food Options

Whatever you’re doing, focus on putting veggies at the forefront and you can’t go far wrong. This will mean the “fun” treats are available in smaller quantities, so you and your guests can avoid that overfull feeling after acting like a kid in a candy shop. Make up some big festive salads (like our butternut squash and cranberry version) and create some fun chocolate pots too (like our dark chocolate vegan mousse), which taste amazing layered up chocolate orange granola and some berries.


Smaller Plates & Bowls

It might sound a touch ridiculous, but reducing the size of your plates and bowls will mean people eat a little less and avoid that sleepy and uncomfortably full feeling. It’s just human nature that the larger the plates, the more we want to load on to them!


Get The Games Flowing

Holiday parties shouldn’t all be about the food! Get up and get moving with some fun games to entertain your guests. Here are some awesome ideas with something for absolutely everyone to enjoy – personally we’re big fans of a good game of Christmas limbo!


Switch Things Up

Just because you’re hosting friends doesn’t mean it has to be a classic booze & nibbles affair. Try hosting a holiday movie night for your close pals instead! Ask your guests to pick their top five Christmas movies and have everyone vote when they arrive. Then, all you need to do is create a cosy environment and of course, get the snacks in! 

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