Our Guide To Mindfulness In The Modern World

Mindfulness can be quite the MINDfield; so where do you even start? How do you squeeze it into your busy day? And how on earth can you ever manage to quiet your racing mind? Modern life certainly doesn’t make mindfulness easy,  which is exactly why we created our #mindfulmondays series with Neat's pal, clinical hypnotherapist & mind coach Natalie Pennicotte, where she's shared her expert insight on managing your mind in the modern world. From easy exercises that can be done on the tube to how to use mindfulness to boost your performance in the gym, here’s everything you need to find a little headspace in our modern world…

Our Guide To Mindfulness In The Modern World | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.

An Introduction To Modern Mindfulness

First things first, here’s our introduction to modern mindfulness and what you can expect across the series! Written by Natalie, one of London’s leading wellbeing super coaches, she’ll guide you through 5 weeks of modern mindfulness, showing that everyone should develop their own mindfulness practice for better wellbeing…

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Living In The Present Moment

Curious about mindfulness and the many proven wellbeing benefits? This instalment in our series is all about how being mindful could help you and can even fit easily into your super busy lifestyle. We’ve got a super quick exercise for you that can be done anywhere - on your commute, at your desk, on your lunch break; you could even choose to use your Neat shake! Sit down today and choose a small object in front of you. Look closely at the object and choose to give yourself 3 minutes of mindful practice. Here’s how…

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World Kindness Day

How often do you pause in your hyper speed, hectic life to offer kindness to someone else? 

Inspired by World Kindness Day, here’s some awesome ways to make sure you’re cultivating mindful & kind thoughts to yourself and others…

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Mindfulness In Motion

Mindfulness isn’t all about stillness and meditation! Whatever your favourite sport or wellness pursuit might be, you will benefit from being mindful of the messages your body sends you. When we truly listen to our bodies and choose to pay attention, we learn to trust.

Paying attention to tightness, showing your body respect, prevents injury and offers a healing kindness to yourself. I work with many elite athletes whose performance is hugely attuned to their mindful attention of their condition. Every day they run a mindfulness technique, the body scan, which is useful for us all and so easy to do…

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The Big Lie-in: Mindfulness for Sleep 

If you're part of our sleep deprived nation, who can't sleep and won't sleep, you might feel in despair. By using a simple body scan, you can nourish your nervous system and train your senses and attention to invite your body into a calm, resting state.

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